Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Chandelier Surprise

Just had one of the most unique, surprising God blessed days ever.

I sold my lawn tractor this morning, so Sandy decided it was time to replace the light fixture in the dining room. In desperation I checked Craigslist and found three matching stained glass fixtures. If you know me, a good deal is way better than a new deal... Opposites attract. Sandy 'suggested' we visit the light store first.

We arrive at the light store on the pike. Sandy goes to the gold plated ones (guessing by the price). I begin a desperate search for the sale section. Off in a corner is ONE single sale tagged fixture. We both like it! Turn the tag over, and the sale price is $430. Marked down from $3720. After I get off the floor, we ask why the mark down. Apparently the tilt isn't from being stuffed in the corner, that is the way it hangs.

Now, I have barter genes. I negotiate a “if you give me the right price, I'll be idiot enough to risk a hack saw dismantle/fix of a $3720 chandelier.” Sandy reluctantly agrees with that look on her face.


Two sales ladies begin the dismantle, when shortly we hear a gasp. We look up to see the fixture hanging perfectly level. The hand blown glass globes each weighed drastically different. In fact, the sales girl whined when she lifted the first one off at how heavy it was.

We selectively replace the globes, and there hangs a perfectly balanced $3720 chandelier sold at a silly stupid price. Clearly evidenced by the exclamation of the store manager from across the showroom floor...

Sandy's happy. I'm happy. REALLY happy.

In the scheme of eternity, none of this is more than a hill of beans. But today, it was God cleverly blessing the socks off two of His kids.

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