Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Distinctions of Marriage

Marriage is a miraculous union of two genders,
a union so profound,
it is described as the union of Mars and Venus.
It reunites humanity to the roots of life,
while at the very same time
hosting the best and natural
birth place of future human life.
It is the blend of masculinity and femininity.
The wisdom of logic and intuition united.
Strength and delicacy perfectly balanced.
Protection and nurture combined as one.
A complimentary merging that multiplies the unbiased blend of humanity's genders.

A ss couple cannot equate to a single one of these distinctions.

I want to thank and give credit to Kimare'a
for the incredible insight and timeless wisdom of these poetic thoughts.
No matter where or what our culture stoops to,
these things will never change.

And there is not one thing anyone can do to change these facts.

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